Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Reunion Re-Cap Report #1: Rewarding Results

Wow! What a memorable Heritage Makers Reunion 2009 "Let's Get Loud" convention in Las Vegas! I'm just back from the City That Never Sleeps with news of new products & tools that will mean many more of my clients and consultants won't be able to sleep...they'll be staying up late being creative in Heritage Studio to design these incredible new projects!

With so many things to report, I have to start somewhere so I'll start by getting LOUD about my OWN news first! I received not one, but TWO, big awards at Reunion. One I had known about beforehand...the other was a TOTAL SHOCK!!!

I accepted the BEST OF HERITAGE PAST AWARD for Gloria Mohlis' Life Storybook "Beyond the Pier" that I helped her publish. She wrote almost all of it...I designed all of it! She's an amazing lady & it was a pleasure working with her to turn her story into a book. After learning a lot more about her life, I've decided her life story should become a movie! Producers, please contact me...I'll be her agent! I'll have to post more about Gloria because how I met her is a story in itself!

This was the huge surprise! In fact, I had such a look of shock on my face that a few people caught on camera! I was even stunned almost speechless, which is pretty hard to do for those who know me at all! It was truly a special moment and huge honor as my fellow consultants had nominated me for this based on my Oprah story last year that led to us being named one of Oprah's All-Time Favorite Gifts last fall. Thank you to all who appreciated my contribution to the company's growth!

Another aspect of the REWARDING Reunion is that I had a FULL HOUSE hand of cards from our Take A Chance incentive that earned me $70 cash. Of course, I used it to buy our newly released samples & brand-new product catalogs for my clients! Well invested! No, I did NOT put it into the slots hoping to double my money!

Also exciting was watching my fellow Heritage Makers friends accept awards for top sales, top sponsoring, rank advancement promotions, and reaching other recognition-worthy milestones! They'll all tell you what a thrill it is to walk on stage in front of more than 500 others to be recognized for achieving success. I look forward to cheering on my team to such accolades & running up front to take their pic too! It truly is a special experience to be surrounded by so many inspiring women leading this company, supporting their teams, plus strengthening homes & families across the country with the heritage-enriching power of storybooking! A salute to all my fellow consultants from the early pioneers to the newest to join the family!

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